IVF Round 1

Celebrating a Small IVF Success

After 4-weeks of nail biting, we finally receive the results of our first IVF milestone - and it's good news!

One of the biggest challenges of the IVF journey is getting wrapped up in the momentum of your efforts, only to have everything come to a screeching halt as you wait for the results of those efforts. Four, long weeks ago we sent the cells from our 3 biopsied embryos to Reproductive Genetic Innovations in Chicago to undergo preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). If you recall, PGD testing is the reason we decided to undergo IVF in the first place, as it will help us screen for an inheritable disease in an attempt to avoid it altogether.

Four weeks later, we have finally received the results of the PGD testing – and it feels like a small IVF success! Out of the four embryos, three are genetically healthy and one tested positive for the genetic disease that we are trying to avoid.

Although the loss of one feels sad, these results reaffirm our decision to undergo IVF and give us reason more than ever to feel grateful and thankful for modern science and the means to pursue this technology.

So right now we are taking “tiny twirls” – happily dancing from the news, but also keeping our excitement contained, as we know that we have many more hurdles in front of us. Next up? The results of our PGS testing, which will screen each embryo to make sure it contains the right number of chromosomes. This test is not why we decided to do IVF, but it was recommended to us by our RE as standard protocol to ensure the healthiest, most viable chance at pregnancy. Stay tuned!

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